Moulton mill Heritage Lottery Grant

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windmills Moulton mill Heritage Lottery Grant

A £702,000 grant has been made to Moulton mill, Lincolnshire, by the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the mill to working order.

With sails, the mill is the tallest in the country, though it hasn't had sails since the gales of 1895! The sails will have 208 shutters, and sponsorship of £50 a shutter is sought. (Contact Byron Hahn, chairman of Moulton Windmill Project on 01406 373368 to sponsor a sail).

Restoration will also create a meeting hall, exhibition centre and tea rooms, with a lift for disabled access.

The last miller, John Biggadike retired in 1995, when the mill was producing animal feed by electrical power. The mill passed to Broadgate Homes, who have granted a 200 year lease to the Moulton Windmill Project charity. They and the Friends of Moulton Mill have been working for years to fund the restoration, at the same time as opening the mill 3 times a year since 1995. This year's opening on 13-14th Sept will be followed by the start of the works, which may take 3 to 4 years. Mills: [Moulton]
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