Windmills of Worcestershire

Surviving windmills

# photo id name location maps type condition photos
1 #1580 Weatheroak Hill Mill Alvechurch NGR: SP060740 tower mill Undergoing house conversion 12
2 no
#1566 Areley Common Mill Areley Kings NGR: SO803703 tower mill house converted 0
3 #1574 Danzey Green Mill Bromsgrove NGR: SO951682 post mill Moved to Avoncroft Museum of buildings in 1969, and restored, working 369
4 no
#1577 Holberrow Green Holberrow Green NGR: SP024588 tower mill house converted 0
5 no
#1575 Stonepits Quarry Inkberrow NGR: SP008568 tower mill house converted - used to be run as a hotel 0
6 no
#1562 Rollsford Mill Moccas NGR: SO361419 tower mill . 0

Historical locations


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