Animated watermill screensaver

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watermills Animated watermill screensaver

The watermill screensaver from 3planesoft is in effect an animated computer movie of a watermill.

The movie effect has the "camera" flying around and through the scene, which consists of the stone built mill with a slowly revolving wooden overshot wheel, located alongside a weir in a wooded setting. The sunlight plays on the mill, and the trees wave, whilst a rowing boat bobs around on the millpond.

This program was written by a computer games company, and that very much shows - this is a computer fantasy watermill, rather than a real mill, and to run the program you do need a powerful games oriented machine - my business PC was unable to run it. The system is available as a huge trial download, and costs $19 to register.
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Item: #18, Posted: 19/2/03.

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