Three Windmills screensaver

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windmills Three Windmills screensaver

A Russian company, Elefun Multimedia, has produced an animated screensaver of a row of three tower windmills. This is available both as a traditional screensaver and also as animated wallpaper.

Unlike the very high quality watermill screensaver I've mentioned before, this seems to be a very poor quality product - mostly a static bitmap with a few poorly animated elements. The windmills are turning, so presumably there is a wind, yet the clouds in the sky never move, nor do the light grasses in the foreground. (In fact, since the sails of the mill are common sails, and have no canvas on their framework, perhaps assuming the wind is turning them may be stretching things too far!) A dog stumbles into the screen, casting a sharp shadow, yet the mills themselves cast no such thing.
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Item: #147, Posted: 25/10/03.

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