SpaceShipOne passing wind turbines

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energy SpaceShipOne passing wind turbines

The announcement today of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic which has signed up for the rights to produce passenger carrying space planes in the next few years caught my eye. The site included a small photo of SpaceShipOne with some wind turbines in the background.

With a little searching, I found the original full sized image on the Scaled Composites website:

Update: [2/10/04] Actually these pictures seem to be part of a press kit that Scaled Composites released in 2003. The photos are thus available from a number of other sites, in a cleaner image form or slightly larger. The same image I noted was discussed in November 2003.

A photographer covering SpaceShipOne's first trip into space on June 21 2004 also took some test shots of the Mojave wind turbines, as did this one. The turbines also show up on the Mojave Airport coverage of the June launch.

The Virgin Galactic site has been updated, and no longer shows the image that gave rise to this note in the first place, so I've linked it in directly. Tags: [aircraft]
Item: #376, Posted: 27/9/04.

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