Jerrems silver token, 1811

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misc Jerrems silver token, 1811

My currency page has long mentioned a shilling token issued by Williams Jerrems in 1811, but with little info about it. I have now been provided with more information by Ray Jerrems, the great great great grandson of the issuer.
William Jerrems was born in Willingham-by-Stow (6 miles from Gainsborough) in 1782. A 1805 Gainsborough directory lists him as "Jerrems and Metcalfe, Grocers and Tea Merchants". A 1830 directory lists him as "Grocer and Tea Dealer" in Silver Street Gains. He and his wife Elizabeth had 12 children, 8 of whom survived.

The book Boyne "Silver Tokens of Great Britain and Ireland" from 1866 refers to a 1811 Silver token Obv. "William Jerrems. Gainsboro.=A three-masted Ship Sailing", Rev.ONE SHILLING. SILVER TOKEN. 1811.=A Windmill."

Silver Street appears to have been a street of retail shops. Gainsborough was a river port, and about 15 years later built a customs house. There exists references to Jerrems Street, Square, Yard and Terrace but not a mill.

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