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windmills Willam Jerrems silver token

I've written previously about the William Jerrems silver token, passing on information from a couple of correspondents who had a connection with the Gainsborough area and the Jerrems family. I've now been contacted by another far flung relative, William Jerrems V of Boise, Idaho, who writes
"I inherited the Jerrems windmill coin from my Grandfather "Jerry" the III upon his death in 1968. It is my understanding that the coin was issued by the British mint to handle transactions between the Jerrems linen company in Gainsborough and the American delivery port at Norfolk, Virginia (I think). The linen interests, as near as I am aware, are reflected in the windmill."
I'm indebted to all my correspondents, and this is a fascinating example of piecing a jigsaw together bit by bit. I'd not tracked down a direct connection between William Jerrems and a specific windmill, and this latest piece of information suggests that there may well not be a direct connection - the windmill and the sailing boat are merely indicative both of trade, and of uses for the linen cloth with which the Jerrems empire was associated.

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