Biggleswade mills

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mills Biggleswade mills

The Comet, a Hertfordshire newspaper, has run two articles recently covering the mills around the village of Biggleswade. The first article, A look at the past: Mills date back to Domesday age covered the watermills of Biggleswade Mill and Langford Mill, whilst the second, Nostalgia: The winds of change covered Biggleswade windmill.

The windmill was built in 1858, by the local millwrights Thomas Course and Sons, and worked through to the early 1950s, though laterly by electricity. Although a listed building, the owners, Dalgety Franklin Ltd, in 1967 demolished it with the permission of the local planners. The millwrights themselves operated from 1946 till 1908, at 101 Hitchin Street, and the building was later used as a factory to build wireless radios, finally being demolished in 2003 to build houses.
Item: #523, Posted: 10/12/05.

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