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I'm very pleased to post the following on behalf of Debra Nicholson, of Bob Morse's Wind Engine Park in Repps, Norfolk:
Who are we?

In the depths of the Norfolk countryside a young man by the name of Bob Morse thankfully had a fascination with Windmills. Starting back in 1947 he purchased the then very derelict Thurne Mill. Nature had taken its toll on the poor thing which had stood with only the stocks remaining, even the interior floors and stairs had rotted away. Work began and Bob managed to secure the help of Albert England, a direct descendant of England's of Ludham, the Millwright family who built the Mill in 1820. It took only eighteen months for the pair of them to restore the Tower to its former glory.

Several years later the Mill was leased to the Norfolk Windmill Trust who have very successfully continued with the restoration. In September 2002 the Millwright Vincent Pargetter completed his work on the shutters and the Mill turned again for the first time since 1936. More than 200 people attended the celebrations including a very proud Bob Morse. This year should see the work completed on the turbine and then she will be able to pump again.

The Mill is open to the public (and turning weather permitting) from April - September every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month between 2pm - 5pm.

Bob Morse continued his work by rescuing derelict wind engines and restoring them to their original condition. Here at Morse's Wind Engine Park we have a historical collection of unique wind engines and a scoopwheel dating back to the nineteenth century. Our aim here at the Park is to ensure the long-term conservation of the collection. We are a "not for profit" organisation, and the time has come for these great machines to help pay for themselves. In order to do this we will be offering a membership scheme, which will include a copy of our twice-yearly publication "The Morse Messenger". We are intending to have our own web site, which will be "", so for those of you who surf please watch this space, it should be packed full with information, images and souvenirs.

However, in these early stages it would be really encouraging to hear from any of you out there who would like to comment on the above, ask questions, get involved, offer advice, fill out a questionnaire or just have a chat. My name is Debra Nicholson and I can be contacted by: -


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Mrs Debra Nicholson
Morse's Wind Engine Park
Marsh View
Staithe Road
Norfolk NR29 5JU
Telephone: - 01692 672155

Thank you for reading this article, I'd love to hear from you.
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Item: #530, Posted: 14/2/06.

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