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windmills Major reorganization of this site

Item: #531, Posted: 16/2/06
To pave the way for further changes in the future, I have started down the route of a radical reorganization of the way I present the information on this site. Up to now, I have had one page containing all the information about mills in a particular area, particularly in my series of pages covering the counties of England. However, some of these pages have become extremely large, so I am reorganizing to make the county pages hold a summary table of information, linking through to a dedicated page for each mill.

This has the additional advantage of making it easier for me, and for others, to link through directly to the information on a specific mill. The identifier I am using to identify the page is the Mill Index id, as used by the Mills Archive.

As the first bonus of this change, I have been able to directly include a map/aerial photo of each mill on its dedicated page, thanks to Google Maps. This map hopefully shows the area around the mill, and can be zoomed or panned around as you require. Some locations are only approximate - I'm working on improving their accuracy, but please do tell me if you see any that are wildly off. Within these there are a number of spectacular aerial shots of mills - see the linked mills for a selection of my favorites. Note some of the great shadows that the mills cast.
Mills: [Lacey Green] [Ibstone] [Fulbourn] [Madingley] [Bembridge] [Bromsgrove]
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