Buildings at Risk 2006

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windmills Buildings at Risk 2006

The 2006 Buildings at Risk list is now available. There are 3 windmills listed on it: Berkswell is a slightly surprising new entry - its enthusiastic fairly new owners have put a lot of work into in the past couple of years. The other two mills were on last years list as well. I don't know of the state of Sneaths Mill, but certainly that of Mitcham Common is extremely worrying. The owners, Whitbread, who run the pub restaurant alongside have had planning permission to protect the structure since 2002, but have done nothing about it. On a recent visit, the upright post now has just 3 of the 4 supports - the fourth is simply missing, as if it has rotted away totally from neglect. The state of the remaining wooden structure is also fairly precarious. Mills: [Mitcham Common] [Berkswell] [Lutton] Tags: [atrisk]
Item: #565, Posted: 12/7/06.

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