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windmills Site updates

Updates to this site, including this news feed, have been rather sporadic for a while, due to other committments.

However I've just managed a complete refresh of the site, updating all pages where I can. Of note are the UK county pages, where I've rearranged the columns to make these a bit more usable - the mill name and locations are now clickable, to take you through to the details pages for individual mills.

The individual mill pages have also benefitted from access to more data - notable amongst these are more links through to windmill photographs on Flickr. Flickr is a great image resource, growing at the rate of around 1 million images per day! Try a search for the latest pictures tagged as "windmill", and see what crops up.

Pictures of particular note from 2006 include: Mills: [Shirley] [Chesterton] [extra1]
Item: #572, Posted: 31/12/06.

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