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windmills WhatsThatPicture.com

WhatsThatPicture.com is a new photo sharing site with a twist - the pictures that it shows are ones that the poster needs help in identifying. It has yet to formally launch, but does have a number of pictures already. However, on the evidence of existing uploads, many of the images are simply too small to be properly identified.

A search for mill currently shows 3 images, all of windmills. Two images are really too poor to make for easy identification. The third image is tentatively identified as being Rayleigh windmill, Essex - which is easily confirmed, though I don't know for what period the tower had a crenellated top in order to date the image.

Update: [15/2/07] I've been reminded that Rayleigh windmill had crenellations through till 1974, when a new cap was put back on. The photo is obviously much older than that - but the other extreme of dating is 1906, when the mill stopped working by wind, and it appears the cap was removed soon afterwards. Mills: [Rayleigh]
Item: #603, Posted: 13/2/07.

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