Holambra windmill, Brazil

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windmills Holambra windmill, Brazil

There are very few windmills in South America, so claiming to be the "largest windmill in Latin America" does not of itself imply all that much. However, the mill under construction at the Dutch influenced Holambra in Brazil, which claims this title, is indeed an immense mill - over 30 metres tall.

Construction has been going on for a year or so, and although this is technically a smock mill, the four storey smock sits on top of an immense 4 storey base. The smock was constructed on the ground, then lifted on top of the base, with the cap then lifted above both of them.

Photos of the construction show the progress of the build, though the very few details I have found about it are in Brazilian. A machine translation of this reads:
THE BIGGEST MILL OF AMERICA LATINA It is being built in Holambra the largest Dutch windmill tipico Latin America. After ready he will have 33 meters tall with a base of 10.2 meters wide. With five floors, the grinder well as tourist attraction will also produce the grinding of wheat, corn and grains. He will have the same functions and features typical of the windmills of Holland. To build and override the upper structure of balls, weighing more than 30 tonnes, will need a crane with resources to reach 50 meters.
I was alerted to the existence of this new mill via some photos on flickr. Mills: [br1] Tags: [brazil]
Item: #673, Posted: 6/4/08.

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