Looking up for Holgate mill

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windmills Looking up for Holgate mill

"The Press" in York carries a roundup of the progress of restoration of Holgate mill, suggesting that the mill could be grinding flour again by the end of the year if all goes to plan.

The article lists a number of sources of funding that have helped the mill to the tune of about £500,000: Parts for the cap and sails are currently being assembled, and joinery work is going on inside the mill, which has already been newly rendered. One of the problems is actually getting time from the busy millwright, Tom Davies.

The accompanying discussion also contains useful information, including this from Paul Hepworth, Press Officer of Holgate Windmill Preservation Society:
When we applied for planning Consent to restore Holgate Mill, we advised CoYC Planners of a similar suburban mill in Lincoln. We had visited it earlier and found that it is whisper quiet in operation. In fact the greatest ambient noise came from a nearby resident who was using an electric trimmer on his hedge! I'm pleased to say that this Mill provided a useful comparator for Holgate, and we subsequently received Planning Consent for Holgate's restoration. This Consent does restrict the hours between which the Mill may be open to the public. Within that is a more onerous restriction on the hours between which we can operate the sails.
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