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windmills Encyclopedia entries on windmills

Encyclopedia Britannica has just made it easier for other web sites to link to their content, so that data that was once hidden away in their subscription only site can now be viewed freely.

Their coverage on windmills is largely comprised of two articles: The articles cover much of the same ground as each other, but the second one is generally slightly better - it carries the byline of Rex Wailes and Fred Landis. However, Encyclopedia Britannica makes a big point of its fact checked and consistently edited content - so it's worrying to see the errors in both that occur in just these example articles, which include: The leading online encyclopedia is of course Wikipedia, and in this case its article Windmill is now in very good shape. (By being open to anyone to edit, it is possible to correct and improve the article over time). It's particularly strong on the early history, providing accurate citations for the claims of Persian origin.

Wikipedia also has an increasing number of articles on individual windmills, many of which are linked together via the List of windmills page, and the Windmills category. Tags: [#wikipedia]
Item: #678, Posted: 20/4/08.

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