Mills at Disney World

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misc Mills at Disney World

There are a number of mills to be found at Disney World in Florida - of course being Disney these are all mock mills - part of the general fantasy world of the theme parks. If you take a look in Google Earth at the new 3d building representations (simply turn on the 3D Buildings layer, and go Disney World) then you can get a good view of them.

Tom Sawyer's Island has both a windmill, and a watermill. The windmill is accurately modelled with just 3 sails at the moment, and the watermill called Harper's Mill has a few additional details such as a barrel and a raft outside.

There is also a mock windmill at the pool of the Stormaway Bay Disney Beach Club.

Perhaps surprisingly, there do not appear to be any mills included within Epcot, Disney's park that (amongst other things) showcases buildings from around the world.

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