Register of photographs of English windmills

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windmills Register of photographs of English windmills

Guy Blythman writes:

Members may know that a few years ago I compiled a national register of photographs of English windmills, encompassing images to be found in printed publications as well as in museums, libraries, record offices and other sources of information. The cost of producing it in paper form would at the moment be prohibitive, and the Mills Archive have experienced problems in formatting it which so far have prevented it being added to their website. At the same time, although I deposited a copy of the manuscript (now out of date) at the Science Museum Library in 2002 it is not in the shelves but in their Archive section, something of which members of the public may not necessarily be aware; after some badgering by myself a notice was put up in the section on mills directing those wishing to consult the register to the Archive section but this has now been taken down.

I have therefore decided to post the register on my own website ( where it may be consulted in full. It is spread out over several pages, the first three of which are titled "Windmill Photographic Register" and the fourth "Addenda". The material amounts to the equivalent of several printed books of the length of my recent "Lost Windmills of Sussex". It is meant as a complement to information sources such as the Simmons Collection, to my revision of C F Lindsey's Bibliography of British windmills, doing for photographs what has already been done for written records, and to the new technical archive currently being planned.

Although the aim was to include, as far as possible, every mill in England which has ever been photographed, a project like this can never be entirely complete, and indeed the register is continually being updated and added to; nonetheless I believe it will be of use both in existing research and in prompting molinologists etc to carry out new research.

I have not attempted to include every instance where a photograph appears on the internet (which was in its relative infancy when I began the survey), as this would be too large an operation; however the register should certainly be useful with regard to those information sources which may not have put all of their photographs on line.

The register, which involved extensive research over a period of six years, takes the form of a county-by-county gazetteer, with a section on photos where the mill cannot at present be conclusively identified. Altogether around several thousand (identified) windmills are included. Each entry states where the photograph(s) is/are to be found, the location of the mill, its condition as shown in the image, the date the photo was taken if known, and finally any particular features of interest which are visible.

Item: #736, Posted: 13/12/09.

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