The fallibility of computers... and estate agents

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misc The fallibility of computers... and estate agents

I keep an eye on what mills are for sale, so I was initially pleased to spot that Globrix have added the ability to filter their property listings by property type - and indeed the icon they use to indicate this filter is actually one of a windmill. I eagerly tried this out, and found that there are 3 specific categories of interest amongst those they provide : "Converted windmill", "Mill" and "WaterMill" (that's strange capitalization of watermill, and why just converted windmill - where do I find unconverted examples?)

However, in practice the categories are useless - "Converted windmill" returned one property, which Globrix confidently title "Cottenham, CB24, 4 bedroom converted windmill for sale". However, on checking the full estate agent details of the property, I find that it is not the windmill that is for sale at all, though the particulars do note that the 4 bed house that is for sale does have "double glazed window to rear elevation with pleasant views over the former windmill behind".

So it looks as if the Globrix website has been programmed to categorize particulars that include the word windmill as all being "converted windmill" - so two failures there - the particulars may be talking about something that can be seen from the property, rather than the property itself, and it's a big assumption that all windmills are converted! I probably won't be using the Globrix site much in my property search. Furthermore, I then found that my search for properties in "England" appears to be restricting me to just ones that are "with a given distance of the centre of England"; again rather too restrictive.

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Item: #773, Posted: 2/1/11.

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