Publicly accessibly converted windmills

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windmills Publicly accessibly converted windmills

The SPAB Mills section organises National Mills Weekend each year, and a good number of windmills and watermills (some of which are not normally open to the public) can be viewed over the course of the weekend. If you missed your chance on this weekend, then some mills are open at other times throughout the year, so check out the windmill and watermill lists on the Mills Open site.

There is however another category of windmill which can be visited - those windmills remains which have been converted to other users, but in their new guise are open to the public. Windmills remains that fall into this category include:

I'm sure there are other examples, where windmills have been converted to shops or restaurants which are thus publically accessible, and I'll update this list if I uncover those. For the moment I've deliberatly excluded those windmills that have been converted to residential use - but which may have some public access since they are run as hotels or B&Bs. (Some of those can be found on my Places to Stay page).

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Item: #867, Posted: 13/5/13.

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