UK Windmills and Watermills for sale

Please note: I do not guarantee that these properties are still for sale - I include an entry when I discover the link, and only remove it when I find that the link is broken - details may remain online even after the property is sold. In general, I add entries to the bottom of the list. Dates, where given, are the date I became aware of the property - these are not the date the property came on the market.

UK Windmills - as comprehensive a list as I can make it

UK Watermills - selected properties only

Property Search

This customized Google search is targetted at searching just property websites.

Other lists

There is also a printed list of mills for sale, available to members only, from the SPAB Mills Section.

Online searches

These sites have been found to offer keyword searches at some time. (Unfortunately, sites are often redesigned, and keyword search may be removed in the redesign).
Primelocation HomesOnView Trovit
netTRADER EGPropertyLink - commercial properties Hudsons
Telford Homes on Sale Homes For Sale Ltd
Period Property Propertyfile - Ireland
Bowlts, Scotland Homes Online accepts keywords in the location field Gatehouse Estates, Cambridgeshire
Telegraph classified NetMovers QuickBeforeItsGone
Homesalez Lewes Estates Robin Jessop

If you know of any other property search engines that allow free-text keyword searching that I can add to this list, then please let me know via the email address at the bottom of this page.

Foreign mills for sale

These are now covered on the separate Worldwide mills for sale page.


See Getting a mortgage for a windmill or watermill.

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