Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage

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windmills Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage

I tend not to list mills for sale on this page, since I've got a separate page for that (and because any property details pages that I might link to are extremely temporary). However, this property caught my eye, as unusual in a number of ways.

The Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton dates from c1885, and is a mock mill - a building simply constructed in the shape of a windmill. The cottage is shingle covered, carrying a set of sails, and were it not for the large windows would pass as a real mill at quick glance.

The property is currently on the market - its East Hampton location on New York State's Long Island means that the $16.5M price tag is not so over the top. For that money you get the 4 bedroom windmill cottage (where the windmill bit contains a foyer on the ground floor, library on the first floor, and an office on the top floor), plus a separate 2 bedroom guest house and studio. Within the walled 3.5 acre gardens there are a 50' swimming pool, tennis court, 3 car garage, and potting shed. Full details may not be live for long, but the extract at Luxist should last longer. Tags: [mock]
Item: #494, Posted: 19/8/05.

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