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windmills Challenge Tommy Walsh

The current series of Challenge Tommy Walsh which airs on some of the Discovery Channels, contains a program where they work on a windmill.

Tommy was asked "What was the most challenging job in this series?" and replied
I would say was every single one of them was a tough job and I do question myself if I should see a psychiatrist that my wife recommended! The windmill one - was that we chose to put a room at the top of the windmill. So we had no room to work, and we had to create a working platform, scaffold outside so every thing had to come up 4 flights. By the end of each day I was truly going crackers!!
The programme mentioned that it was a Lincolnshire windmill - 'near Boston', but not having seen the programme, I've not been able to further identify it.

Update:The mill featured is Toft's Mill, Wrangle, and there's lot of photos of the challenge on the website. Mills: [Wrangle] Tags: [tv]
Item: #520, Posted: 18/11/05.

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