Ken Major 1928 - 2009

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mills Ken Major 1928 - 2009

Ken Major, a world authority on mills (and indeed on many other architectural fields), has died after a short illness.

A professional architect, he obtained an SPAB scholarship in 1952, and mills gradually became part of his wide mix of interests. Over the years he held the positions of Chairman of the SPAB Mills Section (1978-1984), Chairman of TIMS (1977 - 1993), and laterly a Trustee of the Mills Archive (of which his considerable collection is a Founding Collection).

There is a full biography which he wrote a few years ago available from the Mills Archive (though unfortunately it is a relatively inaccessible Word Document).

Photo by Luke Bonwick, 2005, currently used without specific permission

Update: At the request of his widow, Helen, the Mills Archive has set up a Memorial Fund to which donations can be sent. There is also a page on Ken Major which has been added to the TIMS site. Tags: [#kenmajor] [tims] [spab]
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