New group to the rescue of Brixton windmill

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windmills New group to the rescue of Brixton windmill

Item: #74, Posted: 19/5/03
From their press release of 6/5/03:

A group of local residents has been formed to help renovate the delapidated Brixton windmill, off Brixton Hill, and its surrounding park. "The Friends of Windmill Park" was formed at a packed meeting in St.Saviour's Church hall on Tuesday [29.4.03] attended by local councillors, Lambeth Council officers and members of community and residents' associations. The group pledges to work with Lambeth Council, charities and heritage organisations to create new community facilities in the park and restore the fabric of the windmill itself.

Said local resident Steve Double, who was elected chair of the new group at the meeting, "We are determined to put the windmill and the park back to rights. For too long the park itself and the windmill have been allowed to go to rack and ruin. It is a wonderful place, full of interest for local people, schools and even tourists, and we want to turn it into a place worth visiting again, a real Brixton landmark."

The group was formed after Lambeth financed a study by consultants Planet Earth to look at how to improve the park and the windmill, and to consult local people on their views. After a series of events consulting the local community last summer, Planet Earth produced a large report suggesting a community centre, cafe, sports facilities and an outdoor performance space as well as the eventual restoration of the windmill to full working condition. This would make it the only functioning windmill in London. The windmill was built in 1816 and is a Grade 2* listed building. Although Lambeth Council has responsibility for maintaining it, it has not been able to find enough money to keep it in good repair due to the Council's difficult financial circumstances.

"The play facilities are very run down, and the old hut where park-keepers used to work has been burned down. Trees are growing out of the windmill and birds have nested inside it," says Double. "We want to turn it into an attraction again and with strong local involvement and the help of some larger funding bodies we know we can do it."

"The Friends of Windmill Park" is open to all and its next meeting will be at St.Saviour's Church hall, 24 Blenheim Gardens on Tuesday 20th May at 7pm.
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