Ride's Mill, Sheeerness conversion

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windmills Ride's Mill, Sheeerness conversion

Over the past 16 years the owner of the smock mill base at Sheerness had looked at various ways of using the listed building structure, including consideration of whether it would be possible to rebuild it into a working mill in place, demolish it and rebuild it elsewhere, or simply to roof over the base. None of these wre considered practical solutions.

In consultation with the local planners, in early 2006 a planning application to rebuild the smock superstructure, and add an extension building alongside, paying homage to the ancilliary buildings that once accompanied the mill, was approved. The resulting building will provide three two bedroomed apartments. The structure will include a rebuilt gantry (though access will only be permitted to part of this, so as not to overlook the neighbours!), and the revised drawings do show dummy sails in place.

The superstructure which is currently being built is largely based on a steel structure.
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