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windmills News from some Norfolk mills sites

Nick Wiseman sends me some news from some Norfolk windmill sites he checked out earlier this month:

Briningham Post Mill

There does not appear to be anything of this mill left. There is a new-build flint cottage ("Mill Lodge") on the site. The cottage owner showed me a course of bricks which was used to help raise the level of her rear garden and said that these might be part of the "roundhouse". As there were only about 20 old bricks in all and these forming a right angle, it is doubtful whether it was part of this structure but may have been another of the mill outbuildings.

Little Snoring

I located the remains of this post mill in a copse on the Little Snoring - Great Snoring road, almost in to the latter village. Apart from what looks to be the ruin of a house or storage building, there are 4 plinths forming a square on which the trestles stood. There are the remains of a rotting sail spar with an iron sail clamp still attached. It took some finding!


This has been converted for residential use and has buildings attached, it looks rather smart.

Great Walsingham

As Sedgeford, converted to residential use. This is now a holiday let.


Was at one time converted for use as offices for a previous owner. Current owners have converted the upper part for water storage, the remainder is in use as general storage.


The structure is almost entirely covered in ivy now.

West Winch

Now devoid of cap and sails.

Update: [30/4/07] Nick has now sent me images to accompany most of these reports, which can be found on the individual mill pages. Mills: [Briningham] [Little Snoring] [Sedgeford] [Great Walsingham] [Foxley] [Fulmodeston] [West Winch]
Item: #613, Posted: 23/4/07.

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