3D models of Norfolk windmills

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windmills 3D models of Norfolk windmills

Jonathan Green contacted me to let me know that he's been producing 3d computer models of Norfolk windmills, in his words "to get the message out there about the funding needs for Norfolk windmills, where many are still awaiting restoration or renovation".

He goes on to say:

This is something I do professionally, but for the time being I'm producing these for free in my spare time. So far I've modelled Hardley and Thurne drainage mills, and these are live on Google Earth (albeit with some details slightly squashed by the optimisation process at Google). I've also now submitted Berney Arms mill and this should become live in a week or two.

The models can be found on Google 3D warehouse as follows:

As well as the windmills, I notice Jonathan has also modelled some watermills

There are also windmill models by other designers, which can be found via a search for windmill.

Mills: [Berney Arms] [Hardley Marshes] [Thurne Dyke]
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