Windmill at Enham, Hampshire

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windmills Windmill at Enham, Hampshire

Another new windmill has come to my attention, this time via a photo on Flickr. I don't have much data to go on, but the image is part of a set titled Enham, which relates to the villages of Enham Alamein and Upper Enham in Hampshire.

The photo shows a white weatherboarded reduced size post mill body, with sail stocks attached to a metal poll end. The mill is shown close up against a house, in what I assume is a temporary location whilst it is being worked on. The mill sails can be seen stacked to the left of the photo.

Update:[10/11/10] I'm very pleased that David Hayward, who is constructing this mill, has got in touch with me, and provided photos and details of the construction of the mill, which now has its own details page.
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